About me

  • I’m now master’s student in SIST, ShanghaiTech University. My advisor is Prof. Dr. Sören Schwertfeger. Before that I received my Bachelor’s Degree in ShanghaiTech University.
  • I’m interested in Robotics and Non-parametric Statistics. My previous works touch upon Robotics, 2D/3D Vision and ML. Those projects cover topics related to Image regression, Map representation, Motion planning, Kernel learning and Point set registration.

My cv can be found in Curriculum Vitae [PDF].

My researchGate is Yijun_Yuan5.


  • Paper Improved Visual-Inertial Localization for Low-cost Rescue Robots acc to IFAC-WC 2020 (27 Feb, 2020. )

  • Research visiting at Prof. Dr. Andreas Nuechter’s group (Oct - Dec, 2019, in Wuerzberg, Germany)

  • Paper Area Graph: Generation of Topological Maps using the Voronoi Diagram acc to ICAR2019 (29 Sept, 2019. )

  • Granted the award of DAAD-Short-term scholarships (13 August, 2019. )

  • Attend RCAR2019 and present the work (4-9 August, 2019, in Irkutsk. )

  • Paper Configuration-Space Flipper Planning for Rescue Robots acc to SSRR2019 (24 June, 2019. )

  • Participate in GermanOpen 2019 with our small rescue robot. (30 April - 6 May, 2019, in Magdeburg, Germany)

  • Paper Incrementally Building Topological Graphs via Distance Maps acc to RCAR2019 (5 April, 2019. )

  • Attend ICARCV2018 and present the work at ICARCV2018 (18-22 Nov 2018, in Singapore)


  • Paper Fast Gaussian Process Occupancy Maps acc to ICARCV2018 (30 Aug, 2018. )

  • Attend ISC2018 and participate the HPC-AI competition (24 - 28 June 2018, in Frankfurt, Germany)