Flipper Planning for Rescue Robots

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This project propose a very inexpensive method on compute the rescue robot morphology (with flipper) in various terrain.

The implementation consists of 1. desgin the morphology can 2. control robot to achieve it. Generally, recent work focus on 2 while use state machine on 1 which is specifically for certain terrain. In this project, we solved the 1 that can deal with different terrain.

consists of initial flipper planning idea (SSRR2019) and flipper planning on 3D terrains.

Configuration-space Flipper Planning for Rescue Robots

Yuan, Y., Wang, L. & Schwertfeger, S. (2019). Configuration-space Flipper Planning for Rescue Robots. In 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and rescue robotics (SSRR). IEEE.

The implementation can be found in github.

Configuration-space Flipper Planning on 3D Terrains

Yuan, Y., Xu, Q. & Schwertfeger, S. (2019). Configuration-space flipper planning on 3d terrain. ArXiv preprint arXiv:1909.07612.

The source code will be released soon.